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BTS creates tailored broadband and cloud solutions for businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

Our communications suites are designed to simplify your billing accounts and provide ongoing support every step of the way.

Features & Benefits

BTS help all types of business to find the best plans on the market. Our communications suites are designed to reduce your costs and maximise your broadband access.

  • Fully bundled solutions
  • IP address allocation
  • Domain name registration
  • Simplified billing & reporting
  • Security against malware
  • Ongoing support

Build National & International Networks

We live in a hyper-connected world where business networks need to keep pace with changing usage and ever-growing market demands. Is your current network up to it? BTS can provide you with business-grade internet services that keep you ahead of the game. We bring technologies, processes and people together to enable organisations to work smarter. Our business reach extends to 40 cities and 22 countries worldwide with delivery hubs in Australia, Hong Kong, China, and Singapore.

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Safeguard Your Networks Against Malicious Malware

The internet opens your business up to all sorts of potential threats such as viruses and onslaughts of malicious hackers. At BTS we recognise these threats and have a range of solutions to help you guard against them while providing your people with secure access to your corporate network. We will help you safeguard sensitive data, paying particular attention to the access to your CRM system, bank accounts, confidential files, intellectual property, and backed-up data.

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Arthur's Complete Bill Analysis is a fantastic opportunity to asses your current expenditure across all of your telco accounts. Arthur pinpoints areas of spending that could be reduced or even eradicated from your billing structures. Some clients may qualify to receive the Complete Bill Analysis free of charge. Contact Arthur to see if you qualify for a free Complete Bill Analysis.

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