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Croci Australia

Croci Australia, previously known as ‘Australian Profile Industries’, have quickly become the largest window shutter profile and accessories manufacturer in Australia. Croci boasts a fully functional state of the art manufacturing facility in Pascoe Vale, Victoria.
The company's aim is to provide the best possible service and the most reliable and quality driven product on the market.

Business Telco Solutions Melbourne - Client Case Study - Croci Australia

The Situation

Croci Australia have their own internal marketing and appointment setting team that generate leads for their sales force. The Croci team were making 1000s of calls per day and 95% of that traffic was made up of outbound calls. The company had signed up with various providers over the years and were reasonably happy with their existing provider. Arthur was referred to Croci Australia via a business partner who was adamant that Business Telco Solutions could help considerably reduce Croci's yearly calling expenditure. At first the team at Croci were a little hesitant, as they didn't believe that Arthur could add significant value, simply because they thought they were already getting a good deal.

The Solution

Arthur scoured through the Croci team’s daily usage and call patterns to uncover areas for future savings. Arthur recommended that they continue using the digital lines already in place and he also recommended that they change to a new provider through whom he would negotiate lower rates based on the team’s actual call usage.

The Outcome

Arthur was able to reduce Croci Australia's bill by approximately 60% on their previous annual expenditure. This reduction represented a saving of over $90,000 per annum to the business. Croci’s General Manager, Anthony, was thrilled with the savings Arthur was able to negotiate, "What Arthur was able to achieve for our business was extraordinary. Since we always negotiated our own contracts directly with the providers, I believed we were on a pretty good deal. Little did I know how wrong we were... I am grateful for the value Arthur has provided, and continues to provide our business. I have no hesitation in recommending Arthur to any business owner that wants to partner with someone in the telecommunications space that they can trust and rely on when it matters."

”What Arthur was able to achieve for our business was extraordinary” Anthony, Croci Australia

S Group Ltd

The S Group is one of the leading watch manufacturers in the world, producing nearly all of the components necessary to manufacture a luxury watch. The Group are responsible for manufacturing the actual watch movements, components and finished watches that make millions for the watchmaking industry. As a key player in the electronic systems sector, the S Group operates its own worldwide network of distribution organisations.

Business Telco Solutions Melbourne - Client Case Study - S Group Pty Ltd

The Situation

The S Group engaged Business Telco Solutions to provide them with a Mobile Fleet Solution that would provide the company not only with coverage throughout Australia but across the globe. Given that they have a number of executives travelling overseas most months of the year, the cost of international roaming had spiralled out of control. The S Group were also wanting to partner with a telco advisor who could provide ongoing service and support they could count on. They had simply grown tired of dealing with telco representatives who treated them as just another number in a flooded system.

The Solution

Data roaming has been a major cause of ‘bill shock’ for international travellers and the S Group were no exception. After analysing the call patterns for the S Group, Arthur was able to recommend a plan that reduced exorbitant roaming charges and mobilised the entire S Group fleet. He provided the S Group with the ability to make and receive unlimited calls, texts, and data (up to 50Mb) whilst roaming across varied locations. Arthur has set up alerts to notify a staff member if they are going to exceed their daily allowance. The S Group’s new international plan will not only give their personnel an allowance of 50Mb per day but any unused data will simply accumulate and rollover each day.

The Outcome

"Arthur has been true to his word" says IT Manager, Frank. "Not only did Arthur implement a cost effective solution for our business, but he has remained our one main point of contact. This has made my job far easier than it has ever been when it comes to dealing with the phone accounts". The team at Swatch Group are now able to communicate with staff and partners around the globe without hesitation or fear of receiving a bill that will impact their bottom line. Frank says that in the past it would take days to get a response from their provider for any email correspondence. "The worst part was having to call through and sit on the phone for hours and simply waste time". Frank is impressed at how quickly Arthur responds to his emails and says, "'s almost like he works from our office and is there managing our accounts like an employee.. I now see the benefits of dealing with a boutique telecommunications consultant all thanks to Arthur."

"It's almost like Arthur works from our office and is there managing our accounts like an employee…" Frank, IT Manager

Arthur's Testimonials

"I have no hesitation in recommending Arthur, he worked tirelessly with us for many years to bring us Telco solutions that were both appropriate to the needs of the organisation whilst offering us best value for our NFP budget."

Clive Evans | IT Manager at Neami

"Arthur has been an extremely responsive and valuable service provider for over a decade. He has supported all my commercial and personal communications requirements since 2001."

Michael Holzer | Business and IT Strategic Consultant

"Arthur was initially referred to me by someone I hold in the highest regards and have to admit that when I met him I was not disappointed. His professionalism, perceptive nature and commitment to providing the best value and quality to his clients have endeared him to me and therefore I have no hesitation in recommending Arthur to you as a person with whom it is imperative to be associated with."

Vikas Sood | Server Sentry Pty Ltd

"Arthur has excellent customer service skills and works well with clients to achieve appropriate business solutions."

Michelle Bourke | Facilities & Contracts Manager at CoHealth

"Arthur was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Optus Business Direct. He is a thoughtful and responsible account manager with very strong problem solving skills. I enjoyed working with him on the various projects we took on. For Arthur, to meet and exceed the client’s expectation is always the most important thing to do."

Eric Wei | Data Scientist at AGL Energy

"Arthur has been providing Lanec all our telecommunication requirements including landline and mobile devices for over 6 years and has always been professional and reliable."

Nick Palbas | CFO at LANEC Services

"Arthur is a highly sought after specialist in telecommunication solutions. He clearly and concisely develops telco solutions for businesses, that offer the best value for money possible. His engaging interpersonal style and industry knowledge make him an absolute pleasure to deal with."

David Ristevski | CEO, Spree Enterprise

"Arthur is a well respected and customer service driven telecommunications expert with core values in providing excellent service, expert advice and end user focused results. Plaster Wholesalers has engaged Arthur's services over a number of years and in that time he has proven time & time again that he will do whatever it takes to accommodate our business needs. I have the highest respect for Arthur & would recommend him to any SME looking to get the most out of their telecommunications services."

Nidal Boumadi | General Manager at Pavdon Pty Ltd

"Customer's absolutely love Arthur, they are loyal to him and for good reason. I always found Arthur to be honest, hard working and friendly to all regardless of the workplace or situational pressure he may have been under. Putting the customer first has seen Arthur achieve his fair share of success, placing in the National top 5 Sales and Account Management staff for Optus Business on many occasions. I highly commend Arthur to any prospective employer or customer alike."

Steve Bakos | Director at Bakos Consulting Group

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